About EB-5


In 1992 Congress enacted the program which authorized the creation of Regional Centers to facilitate economic growth and employment through encouraging foreign investment in new businesses. Immigrant investors who invest $1 million (or $500,000 if investment is in a Targeted Employment Area) in job-creating businesses and projects in the United States receive conditional permanent resident status in the United States for a two- year period. After two years, if the immigrant investors have satisfied the conditions of the EB-5 Program and other criteria of eligibility, the conditions are removed and the immigrant investors become unconditional lawful permanent residents of the United States.


We invite potential foreign investors to register themselves using the form on this site. If you are eligible, we look forward to providing information to you about projects.


EB-5 financing works with many types of commercial real estate assets and property classes, such as hotels, casinos, assisted living facilities, hospitals, educational institutions, industrial, office, retail, residential, and mixed-use. Furthermore, EB-5 capital is attractive as a flexible source of capital. The nature of the capital can be structured as either debt, equity, or mezzanine, and it can be secured by collateral or unsecured.

Every project is unique, and we spend a considerable amount of time determining, along with our development partners, the best way to deploy funds to maximize the success of the project.

We appreciate learning about new development opportunities. In determining if we are a fit for any particular project, we closely examine the business model and the experience and background of the developer and operator. We invite developers to introduce themselves to us using the form on this site.